Rants of a Spiritual Geek

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Hemant Desai – Rants of a Spiritual Geek.

This is probably first Guest Article after a long time. Reminds me of old days when I used to write for various publications.

Hope readers like it.


Fresh approach to life

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Starting from this post, here, I have chosen to make a fresh attempt at getting my life back in order. I have always had a bit of difficulty when it came to crucial point in a process. I quit. Yes. I quit. That is definitely not a thing that one brags about. However I am more than happy to say it as it would surely serve as an example to others. Everyone has this problem in one or the other for form or at one or the other time. Problem is, most don’t admit it.

I wish to begin the process of breaking this barrier by accepting the fact that I quit at crucial point. need to overcome that block. Else there is no progress. Rather, to stay within my teachings, there is no life. Progress is a linear motion. Whereas I have been talking and teaching about here and now. In the moment to be alive. There is no past or future. It is all here, right now. So progress is incorrect. However, not being able to tackle the stagnancy is sign of inability to live in here and now. That is worrying.

Hence, this attempt at breaking free from it. Hopefully, with some courage and encouragement from friends I will break the barrier. Meanwhile, enjoy life.

RENEW yourself and your life !

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Here is something I learn long time ago from a friend. This one is great. I hope it helps.

R = RELAX release the fear doubt worry etc and clear the space
E = EXPECT have total faith in the process . Confidently expect that whatever you see feel affirm and claim within will manifest without
N = NOTE note what you don’t want and then note get really clear what you do want
E = ENVISION Vividly imagine visualize the desired outcome as if it already happened get right into it. FEEL it in every cell
W = WITHDRAW release the vision into the ether with total faith it will manifest suspend all doubt and WATCH, LISTEN AND FEEL. TRUST intuition to guide you on the path of least resistance

That’s RENEW !

Try it my friends, it works. Need a bit of discipline but it works.

Lessons for a better life – 2

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Want to sleep like a King tomorrow? Sleep like a King tonight!

I have asked so many times, “What do you want?”

The answers I received were:

  • Happiness
  • Inner peace
  • Joy
  • Satisfaction
  • Health
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Love of others
  • Respect
  • Enlightenment
  • Wisdom
  • Will power
  • Focus

… And so on.

My answer to all of them is the first sentence. Want to live like a King tomorrow? Sleep like a King tonight. You don’t need to find that outside. It’s within. Today you are what you wished to be yesterday. Tomorrow will be what you sleep like tonight.

Tonight you sleep, with faith in your own self, with the wisdom you desire and you will see you wake up with it. Whilst you are sleeping, you mind will dig out that information for you. It’s there inside somewhere and this stands true for everything.

It’s not a matter of finding the right answers. It’s the matter of finding right questions. We have the answers but we don’t know the questions.

Seek answers within and not without.

Here is a little exercise for those interested to experience the overnight phenomenon. When go to bed and are ready and relaxed to finally sleep into the dream world. Knock your head three times gently on pillow where you rest your head. Ask a question or offer a situation that you need an insight into. Knock your head three times gently again on the pillow and go to sleep.

When you wake up, don’t ask me how, but you will most likely have the answer. If not direct, there will be clues for you to understand. Either in form of dream, some vision or plain good old bright spark flashing across you mind. Intuition, inspiration, an ad in the newspaper, comments by people around you, something will flash the answer to you.

Those of you who do this please do share the experience.

Lessons for a better life

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One can’t give what one doesn’t have.

John was stressed. He tries many things prescribed to him to break from the stress and he still could not.

One day, casually chatting over a drink in the evening, I asked him “What is it John that stresses you out so much?”

“I don’t know” he said.

I asked him, “Is it the job?”
He said, “No”

“Then what is it John?”
“I don’t know” he replied with honesty, “I really don’t know.”

“John, tell me one thing. Are you afraid of something?” He thinks for a while, finishing his remaining drink, pointing for another one. Head tucked down, eyes closed. When the next drink arrived, he raised his head, one sip and with some shiver in his voice he started “You know what? I am, in reality afraid. I am afraid of failing. I am afraid of not being able to stand by my little family. I am afraid I will not be able to give what I want, to my wife, to my kids to my friends.”

He went on, “I am afraid that one day, I will not be able to give that security, that happiness and that love to them.” He stopped. I could see the shimmer of tears in his eyes. Tears he held back but fear was pouring out from all over.

It was the fear that caused the stress in his life. This stress was affecting his peace of mind and hence adversely affecting his work, his relationship and his stable family.

This is very typical of the society that we live in. From the genuine love and affection for ones own family and friends, the fear of failure rises and before even you know, it manifests into reality. Fear brings weakness. Weakness brings failure. Weakness means defeat before even giving a fight.

Solution is simple. Once again, ask yourself, what is it that you are afraid of? Afraid of, being a failure to your family? Failing in what? Failing in giving them happiness and love?

Well you can’t give that if you don’t have it yourself in the first place. Fear will take all that away from you. You will be left with no peace, no love and no happiness. Then how will you be able to give it to you family?

Remember you are made of your family. On your own you are nothing. So instead of trying to make them happy, make yourself happy first and this will automatically bring them happiness. Since you are made of them, whatever else makes you, will benefit also benefit from what you do to yourself. You choose to suffer, they will suffer too. You choose to be happy, they will be happy too. Don’t ignore the most important thing in your life. ‘You’ are the most important thing your life.

Do this exercise: Every morning when you wake up, before jumping off your bed, put your hands on your eyes, say to yourself, “Today I choose to be happy. So let me be happy and this way all that makes me, will be happy too.”  Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes, step off and begin your day.

Let me know what you experience.

PS: The above is from a series of article I had written long ago, for an organisation wanting help people break free from fears. I just found them and will post a select few here.

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