I had to make a choice. I did. I did not want to clutter all the ideas from my mind in one blog. Would look silly and definitely won’t attract readers.

Needed to separate my writing. Three categories have emerged so far. I observed what I was writing most of the time and then sorted them in to general categories. Finally narrowed them down to three main.

  1. I write all about Happiness Effect. Sort of self help motivation stuff. That includes Numerology too.
  2. I comment on news I read. Mostly from BBC and Times of India. Sometimes some other news site.
  3. Truly random thoughts that come to my mind. More like inspiration or … something like that.

So I decided that my main site would remain purely dedicated to my ‘Happiness Effect’ work. Not to add any other stuff there. I am using WordPress standalone on that site with some nice Theme. It is hosted on services provided by MeWebHost.

Then I have this site, here at WordPress.com where I will be writing what I call as Noises of mind. That constant clutter in our minds which keeps us distracting all the time. I have another blog where I used to write on Noisy mind. However, now I am in love with WordPress, so I will move that here. New posts and also a few of old posts from the other blog service will feature here. Hope to get more viewers here then I ever got at the other place.

On the news comments, I will maintain the other service. It is not very important. I do wish people to read my views on world affair but then if they start commenting on it, boy I will be busy moderating and answering them instead of working on my Happiness Effect project.

Would have updated a profile and stuff here but won’t. If you are interested, do click on to view my main site/blog. There is plenty of information there.

So I wish you peace beyond all understanding. Peace of ‘I’.

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