Purpose of Social Surfing

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Social Surfing is buzz word. Almost every traffic exchange and marketing and advertising site is jumping on this band wagon by offering options like Chat, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and various other sharing options. The ability to directly post a particular advertisement on these portals is good. However what it is doing is flooding the social networks with adverts that are not relevant to many. In effect becoming nuisance to those who are not associated with Internet

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Rants of a Spiritual Geek

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Hemant Desai – Rants of a Spiritual Geek.

This is probably first Guest Article after a long time. Reminds me of old days when I used to write for various publications.

Hope readers like it.

Sri Gurubhyo Namah | श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः

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Sri Gurubhyo Namah | श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः.

Definitely a simple article to express something very profound. Thank you for sharing the insight. In the myriad of blogs that tend to get too complex or absurd in their context, it is definitely refreshing to find something so soothingly simple.

However, I must point out that the views in this article would by and large be too alienated for people of modern world. It is only a few Indians who would understand the importance of ‘Guru Shishya’ Parampara and the depth of the education system which we had and lost. However, I firmly believe that the strength of India as a nation is due to the deep rooted cultural aspects which would take many generations to wipe out, if at all. It is this wisdom that keeps us what we are.

Truth seekers conversation

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Now I am not going to write about the subject or post the conversation here. I am just pointing it to the place where this post is published.

Why am I doing this? Well I am one of the person in the conversation. Guppydas, you will recognise me by my nickname. The pother person is my friend. We were chatting on instant messenger, and this conversation took place.

He decided to post it, word to word. No edits.

I feel so honoured. I also felt a bit pleasantly surprised at what I was saying. Most of the time I don’t ‘think’ I just say what comes to me naturally. In writing, in spoken words …

So this was first of it’s kind and it was indeed a bit exciting to read what I have said.

Go ahead, read it, comment, questions, welcome. Either here or at the other post.

Visit the post at Truth Seekers Convesation at BLOGGISM . Look for the title, same as the title of this post. Enjoy.

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