Children: Anywhere in the world, they are the future. Their experience now, will decide the future of the world.

Hunger: Stark reality of our times. Can make a man do anything. Most of the petty crimes are to feed the hungry ones.

Hungry Children: Most unimaginable idea. Still it is the dark reality. Children are our future. If they go hungry, they will be growing with bitterness in their heart. It is so criminal to let a child go hungry. Something that will reflect tomorrow. Then we will sit and wonder what went wrong.

My sincere appeal is to give these innocent children a chance. Give them the basics. Take away the uncertainty of food and offer a security. In many parts the meal that is offered is also an incentive they receive for attending school. You are doing two good things in one. I am not in a financial position to actively donate. Not many are. However, here is a chance to make the difference. It costs you nothing. A few minutes, keystrokes, click of mouse and you would have provided one meal to needy child.

I am impressed and using SocailVibe for doing this. You will find their badge on this blog. Click on it. Do the fun activity and help.

If nothing else, you will get good Karma for doing this. I will get satisfaction of having supported the cause. A child gets a meal. The best is, it don’t cost a dime to you, to me. So please please click on.

You can see for yourself at SocialVibe site. There is no financial gain or any other gain to be had. I doing this because I believe in the cause.

May peace be with you. May you help many more to make a difference in this world. Small things will matter.

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