Rants of a Spiritual Geek

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Hemant Desai – Rants of a Spiritual Geek.

This is probably first Guest Article after a long time. Reminds me of old days when I used to write for various publications.

Hope readers like it.


What if?

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Green movement, ecology, consciousness, self-help, conspiracy theory, organic food, awareness, self-empower, be successful, how to be a millionaire, lead a life you dream, dream car, dream home, fire your boss, be your own boss. I am not including those scam schemers who are selling you the get rich online marketing crap. Look around and you are sure to find ‘spiritual’ industry product lurking at you in one or the other form. Sadly, it is true, that the spirituality has become an ugly

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EFT and MATRIX Reimprinting

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If I were to tell you that you can change your life, would you believe me? Of course you won’t. Neither did I believed it. Till such time that I did give it a try. I am talking about EFT and the advancements in EFT resulting in a therapy called MATRIX Reimprinting.

One of the most amazing therapies that I have come across. Painless, drug less, non intrusive and above all, effective. I can go on with list of benefits and yet not justify the sheer power it has and potential it offers to

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META Medicine

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There is a lot that can be written about META medicine and the benefits of it. However, I will leave that to experts to explain it to you. I want to introduce you to therapy that is non intrusive, drug free and efficient in bringing about change in life. It is all about bringing happiness back in life. As most of you know, that is what I teach, preach and yearn to propagate in life. More happiness, more fulfilment and more joy, all around us.
If you were to search or research on the subject, it is quiet likely that you may come across very confusing and intimidating information on what is META medicine. In fact you may also find people claiming it to be total quake. However, from my personal experience, not simply as a receiver of the

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Fresh approach to life

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Starting from this post, here, I have chosen to make a fresh attempt at getting my life back in order. I have always had a bit of difficulty when it came to crucial point in a process. I quit. Yes. I quit. That is definitely not a thing that one brags about. However I am more than happy to say it as it would surely serve as an example to others. Everyone has this problem in one or the other for form or at one or the other time. Problem is, most don’t admit it.

I wish to begin the process of breaking this barrier by accepting the fact that I quit at crucial point. need to overcome that block. Else there is no progress. Rather, to stay within my teachings, there is no life. Progress is a linear motion. Whereas I have been talking and teaching about here and now. In the moment to be alive. There is no past or future. It is all here, right now. So progress is incorrect. However, not being able to tackle the stagnancy is sign of inability to live in here and now. That is worrying.

Hence, this attempt at breaking free from it. Hopefully, with some courage and encouragement from friends I will break the barrier. Meanwhile, enjoy life.

Sri Gurubhyo Namah | श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः

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Sri Gurubhyo Namah | श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः.

Definitely a simple article to express something very profound. Thank you for sharing the insight. In the myriad of blogs that tend to get too complex or absurd in their context, it is definitely refreshing to find something so soothingly simple.

However, I must point out that the views in this article would by and large be too alienated for people of modern world. It is only a few Indians who would understand the importance of ‘Guru Shishya’ Parampara and the depth of the education system which we had and lost. However, I firmly believe that the strength of India as a nation is due to the deep rooted cultural aspects which would take many generations to wipe out, if at all. It is this wisdom that keeps us what we are.

December 21 2012

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21 December 2012 seems to be more or less definitive date, for now, sort of agreed upon by common consensus, logic of which fails me, for the world to end. Mayan Calendar apparently ends then. Some claim that it’s written in Bible. Many find it hidden in prophecies of Nostradamus. Doomsday, Armageddon, World War III and many others have many other such signs that apparently ‘tell’ the end is imminent. Maybe not exactly. However a date to remember as something extremely unexpected is expected. Maybe some super earthquake, multiple volcano eruption or a renegade asteroid on collision path with earth or something even nastier that Hollywood has missed to cover in the past few years.
Well not only Hollywood but almost every

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