Three Monkeys

3 Monkeys

In my younger days, I was taught the lessons learnt from the famous ‘three monkeys’. I always wondered, how come we have to learn from monkeys? Aren’t we supposed to be more intelligent than them?

Well never challenged the authority and still I don’t. I have realised that it’s better to find your own simpler ways of understanding life rather than conforming or confronting the established belief system.

In modern times I see people suffering from something that always took me long to explain. By the time the explanation was over, listeners and readers would lose interest.

Last night, I had inspiration that gave me the following interpretation of the three monkeys in modern times. Rather then they representing wisdom, they represent the lack of it. They still remain the wise monkeys but by mocking what we are doing, these monkeys are reflecting our mistakes and the pain that we suffer from that. So here is the new interpretation:

Original :

  • The monkey with mouth covered: Speak no Evil
  • The monkey with ears covered: Hear no Evil
  • The monkey with eyes covered: See no Evil

My Version:

First of all I call it as the “Three Monkey Syndrome”. All those who are suffering can be labelled as suffering this three monkey syndrome:

  • The monkey with mouth covered: I won’t express my true feelings
  • The monkey with ears covered: I won’t listen to the message from Universe
  • The monkey with eyes covered: I won’t see the reality

Well this inspiration is pretty new and I guess I will need to refine it further more. Till then, hope you enjoy this different interpretation of three monkeys and maybe contribute towards refining it and making it more contemporary.